MCCS Happenings
It’s Showtime at the Library this Summer
Until 22 August 2019

Come out and join the show! The library is offering craft nights and activities for all ages this summer.

Every Thursday at 1700 at the MCAS Library you can enjoy a new craft rooted in the performing arts. Last week’s craft was masks, and this week's is a surprise. There are also movie and game nights through July. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

See you there!

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Youth Sports Summer Events
Until 15 August 2019

Do you remember those endless summers when you were a kid? When the days were spent playing games, riding bikes, and exploring with your friends? I do!

Besides a few chores, there were no REAL responsibilities. By the end of the day, I would head home, completely exhausted from the physical activity, with a huge smile on my face and a little dirt on my clothes!

Don’t let your child miss out on opportunities to connect with other military kids while enjoying group activities such as disc golf, soccer, softball, and road races. We invite you and your family to enjoy endless summer fun with our Youth Sports Program. For additional information call 843-228-7909.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Game Night
11 July 2019

BINGO! Who doesn’t like to win? Game Night, hosted by Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) at Afterburners, MCAS Beaufort on Thursday, 11 July 2019, was full of winners.

Couples, friends, and family all enjoyed a fun-filled night of competition while playing BINGO and BUNCO! Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) hosts many events that help to enhance your military lifestyle while meeting and networking with other spouses and Marines.

CLICK HERE to check out some of their upcoming classes and activities.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Super Hero 5K
14 June 2019

This year’s annual Super Hero 5K boasted 650 heroes of all ages running the course from Afterburners to the Log Cabin at MCAS Beaufort, SC.

The first place Hero was Leon Nevins and the Heroine was Alexandra Ekonomakis, both hailing from MWSS-273.

From Gotham to Smallville, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They could have a cape or be ninja turtles. It doesn’t matter the make or model of your costume, it is a person’s actions that turn the average into extraordinary. Our Tri-Command community includes countless heroes that put on the uniform daily to serve our county, take care of their families, watch out for friends, and run in the 5K’s.

If you are interested in triathlons, races, or other fitness opportunities, please call 843-228-6638 or 843-228-6712.

Don’t miss your next opportunity to get your “run on” at the Cartoon Character 5K on 10 July 2019 (0700) at the MCRD Fitness Center. We hope to see you there in your best cartoon attire.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Parris Island Triathlon, Where It All Begins
9 March 2019

The first in the Triathlon series for the South Carolina region starts “where it all begins” in the Marine Corps.

Three hundred and ninety-five participants, ranging in age from eleven to seventy-seven, faced the challenge of a 500 meter swim, 10.3 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run. The men’s military winner, LtCol Hipp of VMFA-115, crossed the finish line with a time of 1:18:16.8 and the women’s military winner was Capt King of VMFA(AW)-533, crossing the finish line with a time of 1:18:16.8. The overall male winner was Alex Hutton with a time of 56:46 and the female winner was Amy Koepp with a time of 1:03.

For some this race was the first of many this year and for others it was a chance at redemption. As was the case for Patty, a wife, mother, and grandmother who suffered serious injuries sustained in an accident last year. After a year of physical therapy, training, and lots of determination, she finished the race with her family cheering her on.

If you are interested in triathlons, races, or other fitness opportunities, call 843-228-6638 or 843-228-6712.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
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