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Crochet & Sew – MCAS Beaufort Library
2 August 2018

On Thursday, 2 August I attended the weekly Crochet & Sew workshop held at the MCAS Beaufort Library and had such a great time!

Personally, I have very little experience crocheting or sewing, which I assumed would limit my ability to participate, but the sessions are meant for all ages and experience levels to enjoy (from beginners to experts). By the end of the workshop, I made my very own pillow – not to mention that I had used a sewing machine successfully in the process! While I was working on my pillow, a few of the younger girls in attendance were working on crocheting some very cute, colorful sandals.

Trinity Maldonado, the wonderful Library Technician who has helped expand the workshops, also got to show me some of the awesome projects they have created in the recent past: scrunchies, aprons and shorts to name a few! With supplies (sewing machines, crochet hooks, etc.) and project ideas galore, Trinity is there to help you make your vision become a reality. Whether teaching you the skills necessary to complete your project (like in my case) or offering some pointers while you work your way through a personal project, the class can be as guided or independent as you want it to be.

If you are interested in learning a new skill, making something from scratch, or even just meeting new people, then Crochet & Sew is for you. Stop by the MCAS Beaufort Library on any Thursday from 1700-1900 to see what it’s all about. Take it from me – you won’t be disappointed!

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim
Independence Day Celebration
4 July 2018

BGen Glynn and MCRD Parris Island were excited to welcome to the community to our traditional Independence Day celebration at Parris Island, the place where Marines are made.

We were incredibly lucky to have so many active duty and civilian volunteers and organizations participate in this event. The food was great – from barbecue pork sandwiches provided by our MCCS Food & Hospitality team, delicious Filipino cuisine provided by Golden Sun food truck, and an awesome selection from Bricks (who sold out before the night was over!) our guests did not leave hungry!

Kids also had a variety of fun inflatables to climb and play on within close range of the Parris Island Band (a huge hit with our guests) that performed throughout the evening, culminating with a wonderful set on the Peatross Parade Deck. Once the band finished, the incredible fireworks display began.

General James F. Amos, 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps, stated, “[Independence Day is] a time when all Americans celebrate our independence and the freedoms that we continue to enjoy. It is also a time to reflect on what it truly means to be an American and to proudly serve as Marines in every clime and place. Because of you and the sacrifices of those who came before, all Americans enjoy the liberties that we hold so dear.” Thank you to all those who serve our country, and thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Independence Day with us at MCRD Parris Island!

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim
Career, Health & Education Fair – MCAS Beaufort
19 June 2018

To kick off summer aboard MCAS Beaufort, patrons followed a series of red balloons on base to get to the Officers’ Club where the Career, Health & Education fair was being held.

We had a great variety of participating organizations providing a lot of networking opportunities for everyone in attendance including colleges and universities of all sizes along with local & nationwide business.

I had the chance to speak with representatives from a number of schools present, and I was particularly excited to learn that the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business is about to launch a new “regional site classroom” on MCRD Parris Island for their MBA program. As Kathy Rollins, the Assistant Director of Recruiting for the Professional MBA program, explained to me “With our new location on Parris Island, students will be able to actually attend classes that are being held in Columbia and interact with other students and the professor in real time.” If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, an information meeting will be scheduled at MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island as soon as the MOU is signed by the commands.

In terms of job opportunities, I got to learn about some of T-Mobile’s awesome employee benefits from Hiring Coach & Developer De’Aidre Desaussure; the pros of tele-working for military spouses from Melissa St. Clair, owner of a professional administrative services business Paper Chasers; and even talk to Maggie Lawson, a Recruiter Lead for Aviation at Aerotek, about how as a recruiting and staffing agency they connect job-seekers to great companies and positions that build off of existing experience and skills.

If you had a chance to connect with any companies in attendance and need help taking the next step or updating your résumé, feel free to contact our Career Resource Management Center at 843-228-7701. On the other hand, if a college or university captured your interest, contact our Voluntary Education office at 843-228-7484 on how to get the most bang for your buck (and possibly some financial assistance) when furthering your education!

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim
Auto Hobby Shop – MCAS Beaufort
7 June 2018

We are fortunate to have not one, but two Auto Hobby Shops at our disposal.

I had the chance to stop by the MCAS Beaufort Auto Hobby Shop on 7 June to speak to Mr. Gordon – the Auto Skills Manager for MCAS Beaufort – about what the Auto Hobby Shop has to offer our patrons & how everyone from the beginner to the experienced mechanic can utilize the facility.

Most commonly, the Auto Hobby Shop is utilized for routine maintenance (i.e. oil change, rotating tires, turning rotors, mounting and balancing tires, etc.). However, this does not mean that more intensive maintenance on your vehicle can’t be done here. With a wide array of tools at your disposal (that are entirely free), flat stalls, 4 lifts (with support ranging from 7,000 lbs – 25,000 lbs), and the expertise of our extremely capable staff, you can do just about any work needed on your vehicle. The best part? There are absolutely no labor fees!

While all work that is performed on your vehicle is done by you, the help of our staff is at your disposal. Our Auto Hobby Shops are meant to be a learning environment, providing our patrons with the best equipment and supplies available at the lowest possible cost, and no matter what your level of experience is, you are welcome to utilize the facility and learn! While personally falling in to the unexperienced category, in my short time spent at the Auto Hobby Shop, Mr. Gordon walked me through some basic dos and don’ts when it comes to fixing tires, leaving your car idle for long periods of time (think deployment) & even some advice in regards to a finicky AC system.

Oftentimes, when it is time for vehicle maintenance and you take your car out in town, it comes at a high cost and there is no guarantee in knowing that the work is done right. At the end of the day, Mr. Gordon wants our patrons to know that coming to the Auto Hobby Shop aboard either MCAS Beaufort or MCRD Parris Island means “Safety, Savings and Assurance” for you and your vehicle.

For a complete list of services, pricing and hours for both bases, visit autoskillspricelist.pdf for more information.

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim
Mad Hatter 5K & the Semper Fit Summer Challenge
16 May 2018

Semper Fit strives to provide programming that is relevant, worthwhile and fun for our patrons!

As General Robert B. Neller, 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps, stated: “Along with always striving to be better, we should strive to have more fun together.” The Semper Fit Summer Challenge is meant to hit all of those marks. Nearly 400 people participated in the kick-off event on 16 May – the Mad Hatter 5K at MCRD Parris Island.

Units participating in the SFSC are accruing points throughout the summer by participating in events offered for the chance to win first or second place for their base ($1000 & $750 for their unit, respectively). The money is put into their Unit Funds to be used at the CO’s discretion. Semper Fit is thrilled to have 9 Units participating this summer and so far everyone has had so much fun at each event, leaving with a smile on their face!

If a unit has not registered and would like to participate, it’s not too late! We still have June, July and August events coming up providing plenty of opportunities to earn points and have some fun. To register, please contact Also, if your unit is not registered or you are not part of a unit (spouses, DoD civilians, etc.), all patrons are welcome to participate in the events! Semper Fit wants everyone to have the opportunity to come out to their events, so join us for the next race (Famous Founders 5K on 15 June at MCAS Beaufort) or team event (MCRD Kickball Tournament on 19 June) for a good time!

For more information about the 2018 Semper Fit Summer Challenge & a full list of events, please visit Summer Challenge or contact by CLICKING HERE.

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim and Kathy Williams
Health & Safety Fair
14 May 2018

On 14 May, 2018 MCAS Beaufort held a base-wide Health & Safety Fair comprised of over 30 booths.

MCCS-SC, MCAS Beaufort programs, local businesses and organizations gathered to provide a fun, educational experience to military personnel, their family members, and DoD civilians. Participants learned about summer safety, available resources, and how to lead healthier lives.

With approximately 2300 attendants, the event was a huge success. Patrons had the chance to talk with representatives at different tables covering topics spanning hydration, pool safety, child safety, healthy exercise and nutrition, pet and wildlife safety, and everything in-between! There were even simulation experiences provided by MCAS Fire & Emergency Services (teaching the proper use of a fire extinguisher) and the MCAS Beaufort Safety Office (using “drunk goggles” to illustrate the dangers of driving under the influence).

With family also being a primary focus of the Health & Safety Fair, it was great to hear a Marine - and soon-to-be father in June - comment that if not for the Health & Safety Fair, he would not be aware of all the resources available to him and his growing family. On a similar note, Lynn Bernhard, MCCS Asset Protection Manager, stated, “It was wonderful to have families join their loved ones at the fair and see where their loved ones work. It also shows that safety should not just be at work, but should flow over into the home.”

Safety, both in the workplace and at home, is such a critical element of our day-to-day lives that often gets overlooked. Between having a great day with families and getting the chance to learn more about the resources available on base and throughout our local community, here’s to hoping this summer is the best – and safest – yet!

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim
Joint Collegiate Graduation Ceremony
11 May 2018

This past Friday, 11 May 2018, not just one, but two graduations were held on MCRD Parris Island!

In the morning 1st Battalion officially sent off the new Marines from Charlie Company to their next duty stations, and in the afternoon the Voluntary Education (VolEd) department held its annual Joint Collegiate Graduation Ceremony for all military personnel, family members, retirees & DoD civilians that have completed a degree in the last year.

Ranging from Associates to Doctorate, the VolEd program was able to afford these distance learners the opportunity to attend a full-fledged graduation ceremony to celebrate their well-earned accomplishments. The ceremony also gives local colleges, Park University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a venue in which to confer degrees on their degree candidates.

The VolEd offices aboard MCRD Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort exist exclusively to assist Marines, Sailors, their family members, retirees, and DoD civilians with their educational pursuits. This includes military classification testing, high school completion programs, remedial academic training, assisting with program and school choices, helping them with the enrollment process, the Tuition Assistance (TA) process, and individual or group academic counseling. The VolEd offices also assist Retirees and transitioning Marines and their families with their GI Bill Benefits.

From the awarding of diplomas & conferral of degrees to the cheers and support from all of the graduates’ family and friends in attendance, it was a wonderful occasion. If you are thinking about furthering your education in any way, I highly recommend stopping by the VolEd department on either MCRD Parris Island or MCAS Beaufort to see how they can help you to achieve your goals!

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim and Mark Story
Demo Days at The Legends
27 April 2018

On Friday, 27 April, The Legends Golf Course at Parris Island hosted one of many “demo days” that take place throughout the year.

These “demo days” are free and consist of representative(s) from one of a large range of golf brands bringing a wide selection of their equipment for patrons to test on the driving range, complete with a personalized swing analysis.

Everything from swing speed, launch angle, ball distance and even spin rate are recorded and analyzed when patrons hit a few shots in front of a specialized camera, and comparisons are made between different clubs to help gauge what is best suited to you and your golf game.

Gary, one of our patrons at this past Friday’s PING demo, mentioned that the most helpful part of the experience is getting a true gauge of the ball’s distance in conjunction with launch angle: “Any indoor swing analysis you try can give you a lot of information, but there’s never a good way to calculate your projected distance. With an experience like this, it’s not just calculations, it’s real factors – like the wind or dry versus damp grass – that result in actual numbers.”

Whether looking to get a new set of clubs or just wanting to learn more about your swing, these “demo days” are great for new and experienced golfers alike. So, come by The Legends on our next “demo day” to play a round and test out some of the latest equipment in the game of golf!

Photos by: Alyssa Karim | Story by: Alyssa Karim
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