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Glam-O-Rama Beauty Makeover Giveaway!
8 April 2021

MCCS South Carolina teamed up with our 4th Battalion Hair Salon and Parris Island Food Court and MCX to provide a day of fun, laughter, and of course GLAM for our two lucky winners, Anna and Isa.

Isa and Anna got to choose whatever they wanted done to their hair (cut, colored and styled), as well as having their makeup done by professional makeup artist Kathleen Anne Artistry. After their makeup and hair was finished, they were escorted to the Parris Island MCX where they each got to go on a mini shopping spree, and walked away with two new outfits!

“I felt so happy during this and I’m walking away feeling beautiful and glammed up!” one of our winners said. “The whole prize package and team was just so much more than I expected.” Make sure to follow us on facebook to see what other giveaways we have going on!

Photos by: Courtney Bethel | Story by: Courtney Bethel

3 April 2021

Last weekend the Parris Island MCX and MCFTB Parris Island hosted their Eggstravaganza event!

The MCRD Fire Department and various different resource vendors lined the parking lot with activities for the kids, including a face painting station! There were three separate egg hunts for the various ages, as well as an adult Easter egg hunt within the MCX, and a place to get photos with the Easter Bunny! The MCRD Parris Island Band provided entertainment while the Egglympics Unit Competition took place.

It was an amazing event with an even better turnout! Make sure to follow us on Facebook to see what events are coming up! Special thank you to our event sponsors: Finance of America Mortgage, Shadow Moss by Centex and Atlantic Marine Corps Communities.

Photos by: Courtney Bethel | Story by: Courtney Bethel
Turkey Trot
20 November 2020

Friday, 20 November 2020 was a celebration of health, as individuals competed in the annual Turkey Trot.

The winners in each division were awarded turkeys provided by the race sponsors, Moss Creek Marines.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Marine Corps Marathon Takes on the Lowcountry
25 October 2020

Over 150 runners showed up bright and early Sunday morning to compete in the Marine Corps Marathon Takes on the Lowcountry.

Marathon runners took off before the sun came up to start their 26.2 mile journey around Parris Island. The half marathon started shortly after that, followed by the marathon relay of eight 3.275 mile loops. Congratulations to the top runners:

Male Marathon Winners:
1st – Raniro Serna – 3:31:58
2nd – Dean Clark – 3:40:52
3rd – Jerry Navarro – 3:54:38

Female Marathon Winners:
1st – Shanley Banaag – 4:20:45
2nd – Gricelda Eddwards – 4:27:25
3rd – Kristen Perales – 4:42:51

Male Half-Marathon Winners:
1st – Jonathan Kosgey – 1:07:33
2nd – Brandon Vasher – 1:19:19
3rd – Michael McPherson – 1:22:30

Female Half-Marathon Winners:
1st – Jordan Brown – 1:48:45
2nd – Amber Haddix – 1:52:09
3rd – Dominiq Craig – 1:55:22

Marines from MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island were invited to compete in the marathon relay to win funds for their unit. Congratulations to the winning units:

1st – MWSD-273
2nd – H&HS Supply
3rd – CLC 23

1st – DI School
2nd – Support Battalion
3rd – 6th Marine Corps Recruiting District

Photos by: Courtney Bethel | Story by: Courtney Bethel
1st Annual Pet Halloween Costume & Trick Contest
24 October 2020

The four legged super heroes, garden gnomes, dragons, and house elves came out to show off their best costumes and do a couple tricks in exchange for treats and gift cards.

Winners of the costume contest were 1st place: Falco as Baby Yoda, 2nd place: Teddy as a Hotdog, and 3rd place: Sage as Wonder Woman Wiggle Bottom. There was fantastic talent amongst the pups performing tricks. The winners were 1st:Pensie, 2nd: Luna and 3rd: Danaris. The participants sniffed, licked, made friends and got lots of belly rubs and treats.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
MCAS Beaufort Harvest Festival
22 October 2020

It was an evening of food, fun, music, hay rides, K-9 demonstrations, and games.

The witches, goblins, super heroes, princesses, and so many more were out to share a trick or play a game and get a treat.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Dunk Free & Three Contest
16 October 2020

Behavioral Health hosted their Dunk Contest this past week, in honor of Substance Abuse Prevention Month.

Multiple stations were available to better educate the Marines and Sailors about living a drug and alcohol free life. Stations included information and onsite representatives for the Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program, the Drug Demand Reduction Program, Community Counseling and many more.

The first round of the competition challenged contestants to shoot up to 30 free throws within 90 seconds. The second round continued with contestants shooting up to 30 3-pointers within 90 seconds. The competition concluded with a slam dunk contest that was enjoyed by all.

Photos by: Courtney Bethel | Story by: Courtney Bethel
MCX 24 Micro Marts
24 September 2020

We have opened our third MCX 24 Micro Mart! Our newest location is at The Bunker on MCRD Parris Island.

The convenient, do-it-yourself store consists of open shelves, coolers, and freezers that allow Marines and authorized patrons to grab, scan, buy, and go to help better meet the needs of the busy military lifestyle. Stop by for a quick snack to recharge any time day or night. These locations are open 24 hours, 7 days a week to meet your needs.

Photos by: Sarhi Wiggins | Story by: Sarhi Wiggins
Throwdown at Fightertown & HITT 2020 Installation Challenge
22-23 September 2020 | MCAS Beaufort

Marine athletes from MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island competed in a two day test of physical, tactical, and mental strength in the Throwdown at Fightertown and HITT 2020 Installation Challenge.

The event kicked off with Throwdown at Fightertown. Marine athletes battled for the fastest overall time on various challenges including the completion of an obstacle course, memory challenge, disassembly and assembly of a rifle, and a mud obstacle course, all connected by a three mile run. The Marine athletes that successfully completed all events in the fastest time won a monetary prize for their unit.

The HITT 2020 Installation Challenge is designed to promote the culture of physical readiness and warrior spirit across the USMC. Each Marine athlete competed in strength and endurance challenges to accrue individual points.  This challenge consisted of three events throughout the day. In the first event, Marine athletes completed a 195 pound sled push for males, 150 pounds for females, 240 pound sled pull for males, 195 pounds for females, followed by a sandbag and kettlebell carry and sprint.  For the second event, athletes raced against the clock to complete as many deadlifts, ground to overhead presses with a sandbag, and kettlebell squats as possible at prescribed weights for males and females. In the closing event of the HITT Installation Challenge, athletes completed a series of functional exercises including kettlebell lunges, ammo-can presses, and push-ups. Between each exercise, the athletes ran 400 meters, totaling one mile, for time.
At the end of the two day event, athletes recovered in the recovery tent provided by Beaver Fit, while the times and points for each athlete were calculated. A male and female winner was determined for MCRD Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort. The winners for each competition are below:

Throwdown at Fightertown:

MCRD Parris Island Males:
1st Place: Capt Johnson-Recruit Training Regiment
2nd Place: SSgt O’Brien- Recruit Training Regiment
3rd Place: SSgt Miranda- Support Battalion

MCRD Parris Island Females:
1st Place: Sgt Henderson-4th Battalion
2nd Place Sgt Deravil-Recruit Training Regiment

MCAS Beaufort Males:
1st Place: LCpl Kosgey- Marine Wing Support Detachment 273
2nd Place: 1stLt Buss- Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron
3rd Place: Sgt Jarvis- Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron

MCAS Beaufort Females:
1st Place: Sgt Creamer- Marine Wing Support Detachment 273

2nd Place: PFC Woodward- Combat Logistics Company-23
3rd Place: LCpl Aladinova- Marine Wing Support Detachment 273

HITT 2020 Installation Challenge:

MCRD Parris Island Males:
1st Place: Capt Luke Johnson
2nd Place: Capt Ziaire O’Brien
3rd Place: SSgt Robert O’Brien

MCRD Parris Island Females:
1st Place: Sgt Daphney Deravil
2nd Place: Sgt Yaffa Henderson

MCAS Beaufort Males:
1st Place: 1stLt Kevin Buss
2nd Place: GySgt Julio Aguayo
3rd Place: GySgt Patrick Gartland
MCAS Beaufort Females:
1st Place: Lance Cpl Narina Aladinova
2nd Place: Sgt Amber Elliot
3rd Place: PFC Faith Woodward

Photos by: Briana O'Brien | Story by: Briana O'Brien