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MCAS Beaufort
Bldg. 807 • Hoffecker Ave.
MCAS Beaufort, SC 29904
H: Mon-Fri: 0700-1600
P: 843-228-6126

Victim Advocacy (VA)
Bldg. 807 • Hoffecker Ave.
MCAS Beaufort, SC 29904
H: Mon-Fri: 0700-1600 Advocacy services are
provided 24/7

P: 843-228-7093
843-592-0646 (24/7)
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Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) works to prevent and reduce domestic violence and child abuse through:

  • Clinical interventions
  • Educational services and classes
  • Addressing risk factors, the underlying causes of abuse and their effects
  • Ensuring victims of domestic violence are safe from future abuse through planning
  • Assisting the non-offending parent(s) of a child victim of abuse/neglect in identifying community resources for children and families
  • Providing counseling services if desired

Victim Advocacy (VA)

Victim Advocacy (VA) provides support and assistance to adult victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault. Victim Advocates are specially trained to respond to incidents of domestic violence or sexual assault 24/7. Victim Advocates:

  • Provide emotional support
  • Provides information on military protocol and response to family maltreatment (system transparency)
  • Assists in developing a safety plan
  • Advises victims of their rights
  • Explores options and resources
  • May accompany and support victims through medical and legal proceedings
  • Links a victim to military and civilian resources and services
DoD Safe Helpline (24/7) 877-995-5247
MCAS Beaufort SAPR Helpline (24/7) 843-321-6009
MCRD Parris Island/ERR SAPR Helpline (24/7) 843-228-3599
Victim Advocate Hotline (24/7) 843-592-0646
Family Advocacy Program 843-228-6126
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