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Greetings Marine Corps Family Members

First and foremost, congratulations on your Marine's accomplishment in becoming part of this nation's 911 force - a legacy that has been forged for over 241 years. You must be proud of his/her commitment to voluntarily serve this great nation of ours.

The Marine Corps prides itself on doing two things extremely well: We win our nation's battles and we make Marines! Here at Parris Island WE MAKE MARINES and we have been doing this for over 100 years.

Throughout the 13 weeks of recruit training your Marine has successfully mastered all the graduation requirements: water survival, physical fitness tests, rifle qualification, martial arts, academic mastery, and Battalion Commander's inspections - all culminating in the Crucible. These are the foundation of a career in the Marine Corps.

Upon seeing your new Marine, I promise you this - he/she will be physically fit, will walk with pride, will exude self-reliance and above all else, will be a basically trained United States Marine.

A Marine is characterized as one who possesses the highest in military virtue. They obey orders, respect their seniors and strive constantly to be the best in everything they do. Your Marine is now part of an organization that demands a difference and delivers excellence beyond others in all it does. This is the Marine Corps, the strongest brotherhood in the world.

I look forward to seeing you during your visit to Parris Island and hope you can take part in any or all of the major events that occur on graduation week including the Motivational Run, the Naturalization Ceremony, Family Day, the raising of our National Colors and the most anticipated event, Graduation.

Semper Fidelis

Sergeant Major William Carter
Marine Corps Recruit Depot/Eastern Recruiting Region
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