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Human Resources News

Employee Training
Please contact us for Employee Training information. For more details call 843-228-2138.

Interview with Cindy Whitman Lacy
Interview with the Director, Marine Corps Business and Support Services Division, Cindy Whitman Lacy. For more details CLICK HERE.

Revitalizing Relationships
Your significant relationships won’t flourish and grow if you’re operating on autopilot. Your active involvement is vital – being fully present, listening well, helping solve problems, and regularly assessing whether you’re responding well to others’ needs – in both good times and bad. This month’s newsletter can help you improve your family dynamics and help others solve problems. CLICK HERE for details.

Information on OPM Cybersecurity Incident
The link provides the latest information on the identity protection services offered by OPM for the subject incident. CLICK HERE for details.

Factors not Considered in Determining the Grade Level of a Position*
Factors not considered in determining the grade/pay level of a position are issues such as:
  1. Volume of work
  2. Financial need of the employee
  3. Salary comparability
  4. Quality of work
  5. Efficiency of performance
  6. Employee’s length of service
  7. Difficulty in recruiting for the occupation
  8. Duties performed in the absence of another employee
Other areas of the personnel management system take these considerations into account. Performance and incentive awards, and our merit promotion plan, are some tools used to deal with issues not properly resolved through the classification of positions. *Reference: U. S. Office of Personnel Management - The Classifier’s Handbook TS-107 Aug 1991.

Welcome to Teladoc
TELADOC is a service available from Aetna providing 24/7/365 access to a doctor anytime, anywhere via phone or video. To learn how to set up the account and print your ID card. For more details CLICK HERE.

Did you know that MCCS matches your contributions to the 401K plan?
If you are not enrolled in the 401(k) plan you are missing out on “FREE MONEY”. Below is the matching chart.

If actively enrolled in 401(k) & Retirement Plan 1% incentive employer contribution plus:
1 percent of gross pay. 1 percent of gross pay.
2 percent of gross pay. 2 percent of gross pay.
3 percent of gross pay. 3 percent of gross pay.
4 percent of gross pay. 3.5 percent of gross pay.
5+ percent of gross pay. 4 percent of gross pay.

MCCS currently has a three years vesting schedule. In other words, the employer match becomes yours after three years of participation.