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Laurel Bay Store
Bldg. 1617 • Laurel Bay Dr.
Laurel Bay, SC 29906
H: Mon-Fri: 0700-2200
Sat & Sun: 0800-2200
P: 843-228-7678

MCAS Beaufort Marine Mart
Bldg. 1283 • Geiger Blvd.
Located inside the MCX
MCAS Beaufort, SC 29904
H: Mon-Fri: 0600-2200
Sat & Sun: 0800-2200
P: 843-228-7769

MCRD Parris Island Marine Mart
Bldg. 409 • Wake Blvd.
Located inside the MCX
MCRD Parris Island, SC 29905
H: Mon-Sat: 0600-2200
Sun: 0700-2200
P: 843-228-1673
Marine Marts & Laurel Bay Store

The Marines Marts and Laurel Bay Store offer gas, snacks, drinks,  frozen items, personal care items, coffee and anything else you need fast and in a convenient location.

 CLOSURE NOTICE: MCX Parris Island will close at 1700 this Monday, June 18th. The base will the working on the data fiber that provides the store access to the internet and there will be an interruption in service. Both the Store and the Gas tanks will be closed. The plan is for both to re-open at 0600 unless there is a delay in the work. During this period, we apologize for any inconvenience and offer our sincere thanks for your patience and support.