Contact Us

MCAS Beaufort Marine Mart
Bldg 1283
615 Geiger Blvd
MCAS Beaufort, SC 29904
H: Mon-Fri: 0600-2000
Sat & Sun: 0900-2000
P: 843-228-7769

Laurel Bay Store
Bldg 1617
84 W. Laurel Bay Dr
Laurel Bay, SC 29906
H: Mon-Fri: 0700-2000
Sat & Sun: 0900-2000
P: 843-228-7678

MCRD Parris Island Marine Mart
Bldg 409
2766 Malecon Dr
MCRD Parris Island, SC 29905
H: Mon-Fri: 0600-2000
Sat: 0800-2000
Sun: 0900-2000
P: 843-228-1673
MCX Marine Marts

The Marine Marts and Laurel Bay Store offer gas, snacks, drinks, frozen items, personal care items, coffee and anything else you need fast and in a convenient location.

Car Wash

We also have car washes available at the Laurel Bay Store, MCAS Beaufort Marine Mart and on MCRD Parris Island (Building 404). Our car wash locations are proud to be part of the Military community. We look forward to serving you, as our friends and neighbors, each day. So grab your car and come in for a great car wash and service.